Allied Bank Offer Agriculture Financing in Pakistan

Allied Bank Offer Agriculture Financing in Pakistan

The Bank, under the guidelines of the State Bank of Pakistan, extends short, medium and long term Agriculture credit facilities to farming community of Pakistan on easy terms to increase the credit flow to Farm and Non-Farm segments of Agriculture sector.

Allied Bank Offer Agriculture Financing in Pakistan

Farm credit is extended for the purpose of production of crops to meet working capital expenses and Development of Agri land.

Non-Farm Credit facilities are offered for Livestock (Cow, Buffaloe, Goats, and Sheep etc.), Poultry (Eggs, Day Old Chicks, Layer, Broiler, Hatchery) and fisheries (inland and marine, excluding deep sea fishing).

Farm Loans

Production Loans

Inputs like seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, weedicides, herbicides, labour charges, water charges, vegetables, floriculture, forestry etc.

Working capital finance to meet various farming expenses.

Development Loans

Improvement of agricultural land, orchards, etc.

Construction of Godowns

Purchase of Tractors, Machinery & other equipments

Installation of Tube wells

Farm Transportation, etc.

Non-Farm Loans


Working Capital

Purchase of animal fodder and feeds, Vaccinations, Vitamins and other medications for animals including artificial insemination

Overhead expenses i.e. labor, fuel, electricity etc.

Term Loan

Purchase of mature milk yielding buffaloes/cows, Purchase of Young animals for rearing for dairy farming

Purchase of Milk storage chilling tanks and milk carrying containers, feed grinders, tokas, feed mixing machines and feed/milk containers etc.

Construction/Procurement of permanent sheds, water tanks, water pumps etc.


Working Capital

Purchase of Eggs, Birds / Day old chicks, bird feed and feed raw material and vaccination

Overhead expenses i.e. labor, utility bills, Cost of fuel for generators & vehicles, transportation etc.

Term Loan

Purchase of Equipment/Machinery for Broiler/Layer farm & Hatchery

Farm construction for broiler, layer, hatchery and procurement of other items required for the establishment of poultry farming industry etc.

Agriculture Revolving Credit Scheme

Loan Tenure: 3 Years (Clean up once a year)

One time documentation for 3 years

Loan limit will be based on the Indicative per Acre limit prescribed by ABL/SBP and/or requirement of the applicant

Development Loans/Finances (Term Loans)

Loan Tenure: up to 7 years

Repayment: Monthly/Quarterly/Bi-Annual/Lump sum

Selection Criteria

Valid CNIC Holder

Preferably be an account holder with ABL

Have a permanent residence and be a self-cultivator

Not be a defaulter of any other Financial Institution/Clean ECIB

Be reputable in the business

Have ‘Repayment Capacity’

Be able to produce proper securities

Click Here to List-of-Designated-Branches Allied Bank Download a list of Designated Branches for flexible agricultural financing solutions.


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