Biggest Problem of Pakistan student’s point of views

Biggest problem of Pakistan student’s point of views

Pakistan one of the best country of this world that have many God gifted things. Pakistan has earth resources with power of youth. The youth of Pakistan trying to boost the economy of Pakistan, in these days Pakistan facing many problems in which corruption, thief, terrorist attacks and the electricity becomes biggest problem of Pakistan, the politicians playing with Pakistan due to politician and electricity crises in Pakistan, Pakistan goes down, we will not fulfill the dream of Allama Muhammad Iqbal to become Pakistan best in Asia, and the tiger of Asia and world. Our students and youth is a great source to become Pakistan educated and corruption free country. The students and youth of Pakistan will give the message to the world that Pakistan is a peaceful country, where beloved people are living, who respect the human beings and promote love.

Due to increasing problems of Pakistan we takes answer from different university students that what is a biggest problem of Pakistan.

We are sharing different point of views of students of Pakistan

Iqra Umar

Introduction of student: Iqra Umar doing BA Arts from PCHS College.

She said that biggest problem of Pakistan is jobless; she added that educated youth of Pakistan are jobless. The students after completing their study wants to do something for beloved country of Pakistan butt unfortunately they can’t get job opportunities in Pakistan so they are unable to serve Pakistan. Due to this our educated people goes aboard and approved themselves. After that we said that no technology and talented people in Pakistan. Our politicians and the officers of government departments need to take action and providing the opportunities to talent youth instead of recommended candidates by their friends and relatives.

Khizar Farooq

Khizar Farooq doing MBA Marketing from CBM University:

He said that biggest problem of Pakistan is load shading. Due to load shading our industry is burning with the passage of time. He said that our government and we individually takes action against load shading and produce electricity that can fulfill our electricity requirements. Government needs to make Dam, solar system that can produce electricity with lowest rates that we can compete global world in every field of life. Police and security department must be cached the persons who thief electricity and gave them punishment as early as possible.

studenst point views
studenst point views


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