Pay Order Cancellation Request Letter Demand Draft Sample

How to write letter of Cancellation of Pay order/Demand Draft from Bank, I provide you the letter Sample.

Please fill it according to your own bank and cheque information.

pay order


The Manager

Standard Chartered Bank Ltd

Tufail Road,Lahore

SUB: Cancellation of Pay order/Demand Draft No.

You are requested to cancel the above mention PO/DD is issued against from my AC No.___in favour of_ and credit proceed to my account. I indemnify that the PO/DD has not been utilized for the purpose indented.

I further indemnify that incase of any claim is received by the band I will be bound to pay Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited and authorize the Bank to debit Such claim including all charges incurred against the processing of the claim from my account maintain with them or with any other financial institution.



Customer Name:-_

AC NO:-_


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