Club Caramel Deewana Song

Kiran chaudhry come back after releases Zindagi and Teray Bin, Club Caramel band song Deewana is nice and about love.

This song is sung specially for valentine day. Kiran chaudhry explain that “Our new song is all about love” more said that it is about falling in love and all the different stages associated with this concept including heartbreak. This song is produced in jamal rehman,s ture brew recording studio in Lahore. Sameer ahmed on bass, fahad khan on drums, adnan sarwar on guitar/backing vocals, asif goga on bongos. Adnan sarwar is the writer and composer of the deewana song.

The bands performance is good for last two years and now the band is booming for their new song Deewana. The song is presented by samsung Galaxy series.

Check out this beautiful track


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