Dalchini Benefits in Urdu | Dalchini ke Fayde

Dalchini Benefits in Urdu

dalchin is really beneficial for human body to weight loss. Dalchin can be used in daily eating habits and especially in morning if you use with hot water and drink daily in morning time before breakfast. Dal chini ke fayda in Urdu Language for Pakistani, because Pakistani People becoming fat day by day due to Coronavirus, people are not working and not doing daily jobs due to fair of Coronavirus, now it’s time to the People of Pakistan to take care of your health special for Women and girls.

Dalchin will help the people who want to lose weight. Doctor Bimal Chhajar heart care and lifestyle expert Ex consultant AIIMS, Founder and director of Saaol heart centre said dalchin is helpful to diagnose food that can also bring healthy heart. You can have said that dalchin is all in one that bring so many benefits to human body. For best performance, eat dalchin with hot water in morning. Dalchin is also known with the name of Cinnamon.


The power of dalchin is giving the same result to body and it’s also easy to mix with water and we can drink that water easily.

The human body weight increasing issue is for whole world specially for Pakistan, Indian and Bangladeshi Nationals.

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