Study Tips for Taking Good Marks in Board Exam

University Exams are more like routine tasks. Students are trained to appear in about ten close book exams in the exam set up. It helps students to get used to of appearing in the examinations. There are some exam strategies and students need to make it part of their personal system to ensure they make the most of their presence in the university.

1. Set the Clock: Ensure to set the clock well before going to bed. Get up early, have breakfast and keep plenty of time to reach the campus. As a rule of thumb, you need to be in campus at least 30 minutes before start of exam, so plan accordingly as traffic is heavy in Sialkot during the early hours.

2. Facebook, TV and SMS Bundles: Avoid Spending time on watching TV/Facebook, other social media sites during the exams – it can simply add to stress. Avoid looking at the SMS every minute, give break to your Cell Phone during exams. Communicate with family only, touch back anyone else after the exams.

3. Traveling: Avoid Traveling to friend’s home for joint study during the exams, it can simply divert your attention from the topics what you are planning cover.

4. Manage Your Time Accordingly: In the exam hall avoid interacting with others as it may lead to dismissal from hall. Scan the exam paper carefully, allocate the time as per the points in the question.

5. In the Exam Hall: Its summer and invigilators would not allow you to leave the hall for any reason. In that case it is important to have your bottle water, hand towel, extra writing pens, lead pencil with you.

6. Follow The Instructions: It is extremely important to follow the instructions of the invigilators in the exam hall. Do not question what you are asked to do by the staff on duty, however, if it is something you think is not appropriate report to Dean/Director of your school after finishing your exam.

7. Attempting The Questions: Do not leave any question unattempt, do your best and make effort to attempt – partial attempt would get you credit whereas no attempt may get you NEGATIVE MARKS.



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