FESCO Faisalabad Electricity Duplicate Bill Check Online Print

Faisalabad electricity supply company FESCO Faisalabad starts their billing system online. Now the people of Faisalabad can download or print the Electricity Bill online trough providing reference number that is given in previous or original bill of FESCO that the region of Faisalabadi people receives every month. Sample add your reference number online and get your duplicate bill amount, now you can also pay FESCO Bill online as well as through government institutes like banks.

Power information technology is starts working with Pakistan Water and power development authority WAPDA Pakistan and FESCO to provide the facility of online duplicate bill checking download and print system.

In these days due to lot of electricity bills many people of Faisalabad cannot receive their electricity bills on time due to this FESCO officials announced this online bill check system to provide the facility to all people of Faisalabad that no one can said that they cannot receive their Bills on time. Now the FESCO customers can pay their bill online and on time and can escape you from late fees that is government automatically add to electricity bills if the last date of bill is finished.

In every FESCO Electricity bill there is a numeric reference number with 14 digits, this number is helpful for you through online system of Faisalabad electricity Supply Company.

Printing Instructions

In Internet Explorer from the FILE menu click “PAGE SETUP”

Select PAPER SIZE as “A4”

Delete the values under HEADER and FOOTER

Select ORIENTATION as “Portrait”

Click the OK button

From the FILE menu click “PRINT”

Choose appropriate printer and click the PRINT button

How to get Online Bill of FESCO write your reference number below this box:

Note:- Some Of The Reference Numbers Have Been Revised So Please Enter your New 14 Digit Reference Number As Mentioned On Your Printed Electricity Bill.

Please Enter Your 14 digit Numeric Reference Number (no spaces)
Reference No:
Please Enter a valid Reference No.Reference No. must be of 14 digits

Online Billing Check List Available: Here


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