GIK Institute of engineering Science & Technology Admissions 2013

GIK Institute of engineering Science & Technology starts admissions session 2013 for classes’ graduates and masters.

GIK Institute of engineering Science & Technology Admissions 2013]
GIK Institute of engineering Science & Technology Admissions 2013]

BS Degree Programs and MS and phD Degree Programs

Every year, GIKI offers admissions to undergraduate and graduate/post-graduate studies in a wide-array of programs.

Admissions are managed by the Admissions & Examinations Office during undergraduate admissions. Even though you may request the documents by mail, we have provided electronic versions of some documents to save you time. Forms can also be submitted online.

In case of submission by post, you will receive an email regarding successful receipt of your application, so no more waiting and anxious moments about the safe delivery of your application!

Remember: we value your interest in our institute and have made sure that the admission/application process is quick and responsive.

Have a look at the Student Life section of the website to catch a glimpse of the wide array of activities the students of the institute are involved in.


The admission to the Bachelor Programs of the Institute is decided on the basis of candidate’s earlier educational achievements and his score in the admission test, which comprises multiple choice questions, based on Pakistani intermediate level Physics and Mathematics. There are no special quotas, reserved seats or admission by donations. Nor is there any arbitrary age limit for the applicants. In fact, the Institute is open to all persons of either sex and of any religion, color, creed, class or domicile who are academically qualified for admission to the courses of study offered by the Institute, and no such person shall be denied the privileges of the Institute on the grounds only of sex, religion, color, creed, race, class or domicile.”

Female Students

The Institute encourages female students to join the engineering profession. Because of revolutionary developments in the technological field, it is no more considered as an exclusively male domain, and offers a host of highly rewarding careers, which suit the special endowments of women. The Institute has taken measures to provide a very supportive milieu for the female students. It has a girls’ hostel, having a capacity for 120 students, with all modern amenities, a gym and a lady counselor to facilitate the stay of female students on the campus.


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