HEC Allows Universities to Conduct Online Exams February 2021 News

After students protests to conduct online exams this year 2021 because students were studying online classes. Education minister Shafqat Mehmood meeting with educational institutes and students demand, he coordinates with higher education commission HEC to review the decision about online examination year session 2021. After today meeting of higher HEC (Higher education commission) officials and announced that universities can hold online exams. Now it’s up to universities that they take examination online or physical appearance in examination. The final Decision now on universities after following some terms and conditions, universities can hold online examination.

HEC advises universities to conduct exams based on their capacity need for fair assessment on date 27 January 2021 at Islamabad.

HEC has taken note of the concerns raised by students of some universities that their examination should be conducted online. The apprehensions of students were reviewed carefully in consultation with the vice chancellors of all the provinces and regions, keeping in view the difficulties brought about by the pandemic and opening of universities from 01 February 2021.


HEC Allows universities to conduct online exams

After the decision of HEC Shafqat Mehmood happily tweet:

“I am happy to note that HEC has formally allowed the universities to conduct online exams with adequate safeguards. This paves the way for them to devise right procedures quickly to do so. Education standards must be kept up. Work hard students and wish you the best”



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