HEC Notification About 2 Year Degree Program 2023

HEC Notification About 2 Year Degree Program 2023

Higher education commission HEC Islamabad today date 06 January 2023 Announced the Notification for the students and their parents as below:

Parents and Students Alert:

do not take admission in two year BA / BSC and 2 years MA and MSC Degree Programs for Session 2023.

Last dates for enrolment in BA/BSc and MA/MSc were respectively December 31, 2019 and June 30, 2022.

HEC explain about fake message / news regarding HEC Extension for admission in BBA / BSC / BA / MA / MSC degree programs in circulating on few websites and social media pages. HEC explains in the notification that there is not more extension in year 2023 and no any degree will be approved from HEC related to BBA / BA / MA and MSC.

Higher education commission Lahore and Islamabad gives the strict notification to the students and parents are advised to beware of such misleading and fake information circulated on social media.

Below HEC Official Notification:

HEC Notification About 2 Year Degree 2023
HEC Notification About 2 Year Degree 2023

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  1. It is a big loss for failure students.
    Many of us have wasted two years.
    Many of us will not be able to continue studies on regular basis.
    It is big loss for us.

  2. It is requested to allow 2 year M.A / M.Sc for private students as we can not continue our studies as regular students.

  3. Kindly to do those students whose have not get admiison on B. S . My father is a labour I can’t to get regular b. S
    So. Please continue the private master’s

  4. Its not really fair to those students wo can not continue their studies on regular basis. HEC should allow 5th smester system to private students. If HEC did’t allow degrees as private so it will breakdown the litracy system of country.


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