How to get Driving License in Saudi Arabia

For running or purchasing any type of vehicle, according to Saudi Arabia law it’s necessary to get valid driving license. The public buses in Saudi Arabia are not running in all routes so it’s necessary to have your own car. Without driving license no anybody can purchase or register car with his name, if anybody wants to acquire driving license than its necessary to pass driving test as well as computer test.


Government of Saudi Arabia opens many driving training centers for learning purpose. If anybody already have a driving license from any other country than he will go directly to Dallah Driving School.

Tips to avail driving license:

First of all the candidate have valid Iqama or passport and take new Blood medical report, Copy of Iqama, passport visa copy, and 4 photos and get all necessary documents for submitting Dallah driving school in Riyadh, Jaddah or Dammam or any other city of kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The minimum age of getting driving license is 18 years and only males can get driving license, females not allow to drive in Saudi Arabia.

Than deposit government driving license fee from SR. 100 to 400 for year 1 to 10 years, if you want to make driving license for ten years than deposit SR 400 to bank account of government or you can also ask the latest fees from Dallah Driving School.

Almost every Dallah driving school there are some agents who will help you to make driving license. You need to make fill from them of SR. 15 to 30, don’t pay more payment to these agents and be careful.

When you fill will be completed goes to any nearest driving Dallah School and submit your Documents the person will refer to you to test practical tests of Driving and after than Computer test that will be multiple choose questions, after passing these tests, the police department will take your test in running road, when that police man will pass you can you get driving license.


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