How to Renew Your Istimara online Saudi Vehicle Registration

Car Registration: the car or vehicle registration in Saudi Arabia is not easy but if you follow some rules than renew of vehicle is became easy.  According to Saudi Arabia rules every after three years its necessary to renew car registration or Istimara.

Steps before Car Renew or Registration:

Before car registration in Saudi Arabia, you must check follows of the same car that you wanted to renew registration or Istimara.

  1. It’s necessary to have valid Fahas / MPVI (it’s a Computerized system in KSA, every year its necessary to check Car or any Vehicle from the government, after checking the car by the professionals that is from government of KSA, they will give you a Fahas Sticker, you must put this sticker on the front glass of the car.
  2. Car Insurance should be valid (without Car Insurance, you cannot renew the vehicle or Istimara of Specific Car.
  3. Before car registration you must pay all fines or traffic violations.
  4. The government fees for Car renew registration is SR 300/– in Year 2019 before it was SR 150/- Now must be paid increased Car Renew Registration fees that is SR 300/- for Three years.
  5. The government fees you can pay through Online banking system and also ATM by Your Debit Card, I personally paid through Bank Al Rajhi Card to ATM.

How to Pay Car Registration Fees:

If can pay online Bank Card of Al Rajhi or ATM if you go ATM, just entry Your Debit Card to ATM and Choice Follows step by step:

  1. Government Payment
  2. Vehicle registration
  3. After this computer will ask Your Iqama Number after entering Iqama Number the Car registration number will be required (Car Registration number will be at your previous Istamara nine words).
  4. After this government fees Rs. 300/- will be display at your screen just pay the amount and Go to or and renew Your Car Registration through online system.


If you wish to collect the document from Muroor Office, please visit one of Muroor offices and branches within 7 days, to avoid getting a 100 S.R violation.

If you want to deliver the Vehicle Registration to your postal address (Wasel); please click on (Request Postal Document Delivery). Fees will be applicable The Vehicle registration card will be delivered within 3 business days (excluding Public holidays) after due payment of Fees.

Old Registration card is under the Owner’s responsibility and it should be securely destroyed. The Owner will be legally responsible if it is found with any other person or being used against any other vehicle.

You Can Print Your Information after Renew Vehicle Registration and go to Mirror office (Traffic Police Office) during office hours and Take Your Registration Card from Morror office.


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