Human Resources Management HRM Roles & Responsibilities

HRM Human Resources Department must have almost every Company to deal the Employees and solve the Problems of Employees of the company. HRM Basically work in favor of Labour of the company to save and gives more and more safety to employees of the company we are sharing some responsibilities and Roles of HRM Department of the Company.

Responsibilities of HRM

Design a Job position and description

Conducting a successful Employee search

Conduct an Employment Interview

Tools for evaluating employee performance

Develop an effective Employee training program

Provision of Effective feedback

Performance Evaluation processes

Improving Individual Performance

Improving Organizational Performance

Design a Job position and description

The designing of job position and description is based

on following features,

Job Requirement

Advancement in technology


Change of Location

Likely Trend

Profit or loss in business

Change in Laws

A Successful Employee search

A successful employee search is based on following factors,

Within organization or outside the organization

Better ad in Newspapers

Better advertisement on Websites

Maximum time limit for Application Submission

Easy and cheap Application submission

The fields should be clear like IT or Business

The Online Application should have minimum data entries

The references of people should not be important for the applicant

There must be Diversity in Search

No Gender, ethical, age and religion discrimination

Innovative people must be encouraged

Quota for minorities disables and women should be present

Compensation must be given on CGPA or grades

There must be no strictness


Conduct an Employment Interview

Following must be keep in mind during the Interview,

Posture and gesture


English Spoken


Quick response to questions

Presence of mind

Optimistic thinking

Family Background

Marital Issues



Evaluating Employee performance

For evaluation, following factors must be considered,

Application is complete

Resume Reviewing

Interview Status



Internal or external employee

Laws and regulations

Team of diversified people should evaluate

Must be on merit

No favoritism

No Gender, race or religion discrimination

Problem Solving Ability

Administrative Ability

Effective Employee Training program

Employee training methods can be as under,


On-the-job coaching


Role playing



Virtual reality

Video Training

Performance Evaluation processes

Establishing Performance Standards

Communicating the standards

Measuring the actual Performance

Comparing the Actual with the Desired Performance

Discussing Results

Decision Making

HRM Responsibility
HRM Responsibility

Improving Individual Performance

Improve performance

Provide feedback

Make better motivation

Recognize training needs

Identify potential for promotion

Award salary increases

Set out job objectives

Provide information for human resource planning

Improving Organizational Performance

High-performance work practices

Work design

Flexible working


Employee development

Reward and giving employees a voice

Formulate a clear vision and set of values

Develop a positive psychological contract

Increasing the motivation and commitment of employees

Create a great place to work

Implementing HR policies

Manage change effectively


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