Imran khan Advice Youth to Read Lost Islamic History Book during Lock down

Imran khan advice Youth to read Lost Islamic History Book during Lock down

Prime minster of Pakistan Imran Khan recently said in his twitter account that read Book Name lost Islamic history during lock down in Pakistan. It’s a great advice from PM Imran Khan especially for students who are recently in their homes due to lock down in Pakistan and all institutes and universities are closed. So it’s a time to pass best time by studying history of Islam.

PM Imran khan always love Youth that’s why he always giving the instructions to youth for their batter future. It’s a reason that Muslim Youth from all over the world like Imran Khan.

  Imran Khan Said: “A great read for our youth during lock down days. An excellent brief history of the driving force that made Islamic civilization the greatest of its time and then the factors behind its decline”.



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