Jamia Ashrafia Islamic University Lahore Contact Number

Jamia Ashrafia 72- Ferozpur Road Lahore, Mahad Ummul Qura (Opposite Hassan Mosque) Phones: +92 42 3755 2772                 +92 42 3750 3326 Fax: +92 42 3755 2986 E-mail:[email protected] [email protected] Jamia Ashrafia, Lahore a premier seat of Islamic learning was founded by an extremely pious dignitary Maulana Mufti Muhammad Hassan (RA) in September 1947, soon after the creation of Pakistan; and since then it has been serving the cause of Islamic education with missionary spirit to inculcate the humanitarian values among its pupils & associates as ordained by Allah – the Solo Creator of the Universe. Thousands of scholars have since graduated from this JAMIA, and are busy spreading the beacon of Islamic light to people all over the world. There are ten other branches of the JAMIA at Lahore. www.jamiaashrafia.org



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