KIPS School Admissions 2024 Fee Structure Playgroup to Matric

KIPS School Admissions 2024: Fee Structure from Playgroup to Matric

KIPS School is renowned for its commitment to quality education and the holistic development of students. As the year 2024 approaches, parents and students are eager to know about the admissions process and fee structure for different grade levels at KIPS School. This article aims to provide an overview of the fee structure from playgroup to matriculation for the academic year 2024.

Playgroup and Nursery:

For the playgroup and nursery levels, KIPS School offers a nurturing and stimulating environment for early childhood development. The fee structure for playgroup and nursery may vary slightly, and it is advisable to contact the school directly for the most accurate information.

Preparatory and Primary Grades:

As students progress to preparatory and primary grades, they continue to benefit from a comprehensive curriculum and experienced faculty. The fee structure for these levels may involve a combination of tuition fees, annual charges, examination fees, and other miscellaneous expenses. It is essential to consult the school administration or visit the school’s website for detailed information regarding the fee structure.

Middle and High School:

In the middle and high school grades, KIPS School emphasizes academic excellence and character development. The fee structure for these grades typically includes tuition fees, annual charges, examination fees, and additional charges for facilities and extracurricular activities. The school administration can provide specific details about the fee structure for each grade level.

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Scholarships and Financial Aid:

KIPS School recognizes the importance of providing equal opportunities to all students. Therefore, the school may offer scholarships or financial aid programs to eligible students based on merit or need. These programs aim to support deserving students and ensure that finances do not become a barrier to quality education. Interested parents and students can inquire about scholarship opportunities during the admissions process.


Admissions Process and Deadlines:

To secure admission at KIPS School for the academic year 2024, parents and students need to follow the school’s admission process. This typically involves submitting a completed application form, providing necessary documents, and appearing for an entrance test or interview. It is essential to adhere to the specified deadlines and complete all requirements to ensure a smooth admission process.

The Value of Education at KIPS School

KIPS School has established a reputation for excellence in education, fostering a conducive learning environment, and producing well-rounded individuals. The comprehensive fee structure at KIPS School reflects the commitment to providing quality education, experienced faculty, modern facilities, and a wide range of academic and extracurricular opportunities for students.

KIPS Schools

As the academic year 2024 approaches, KIPS School presents an opportunity for students to receive a quality education and excel academically. The fee structure from playgroup to matriculation varies based on grade levels and associated expenses. Interested parents and students are encouraged to contact the school directly to obtain accurate and up-to-date information regarding the fee structure, admission process, and any available scholarships or financial aid programs. Investing in education at KIPS School can pave the way for a bright future and holistic development for students.

KIPS School Admissions 2024 Fee
KIPS School Admissions 2024 Fee

KIPS School is the foundation for life.Every child can be a leader. Admissions open classes commence in the 1st week of April 2024, from playgroup to matriculation on separate campuses for boys and girls. New campuses are now shining in Wapda Town. Contact the nearest Kips branch, Lahore Johar town branch, Allama Iqbal town branch, Wapda town branch, or Canal Side branch.

KIPS School Johar town and Iqbal town Opening Admissions from playgroup to Matric classes start in 07 March 2024, with separate classes for male and female students. apply today.

Result Oriented Methodology as per Board Pattern

KIPS School Main Campus:  

Address: 45/46-B, Johar Town, Lahore.

Ph: 042-35202281-3

KIPS School Boys Matric Campus:

Address: 210-F, Johar Town, Lahore.

Ph: 042-35170210, 5178768.

KIPS School Girls Matric Campus:

Address: 50-51/A Johar Town, Lahore.

Ph: 042-35173751

Boys Junior Campus:

Address: 442/F, Johar Town, Lahore.

Ph: 042-35311825-6

Girls Junior Campus:

Address: 16/F, Johar Town, Lahore.

Ph: 042-35172688-9

KIPS College Admission 2024 Form FSc, ICS, and ICOM Fee Structure Download

KIPS College Fee Structure


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