KPK Govt Approves Co-education in Primary Level Schools

Khyber phakhtunkhwa province government of kpk starts co-education in primary level schools today the general meeting related to co-education held in peshwar city of kpk in this meeting the final decision was taken that the government will open new schools where boys and girls will be study together in primary level schools of kpk.

kpk schools

The chief minister of information technology mushtaq ghani while giving details to the media about the cabinet meeting that was held in Peshawar on Monday dated 06-02-2017. The hiring of these primary schools will only for females and the female teachers will be study in these primary schools for boys and girls schools.

It’s a good decision taken by government of kpk that is working under Imran Khan Pakistan tehreek insaf. The chief minister of IT Mr. Ghani said the cabinet agreed with the proposal of the elementary and secondary education department to start co-education at the primary level only.


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