Letter to Brother Advising him to Take Interest in Studies

Letter to Brother Advising him to Take Interest in Studies

Examination Hall,


January 20, 2015

Dear Brother Usman,

I received your letter yesterday. I am glad to hear about your progress in studies. Your keen interest in your studies will pay you one day. You are dear to me and your success is my success. So I would like to give some pieces of advice to you relating to your studies.

Dear, hard work is a key of success. Along with hard work regularity and punctuality play a vital role for a successful life. If you do not attend your classes regularly, missed lessons will put an extra pressure on you and you will not be able to make up your deficiency in your studies. Set a time table and work accordingly. Do not put till tomorrow what you can do today. In this way you will be able to learn everything easily and properly.

Secondary attractions are the main obstacle in the way to success. They tend to captivate young men. Take part in extracurricular activities in a moderate way. Your major work in your studies,  Don’t neglect them and laways pay proper attention to them. Always try to make your concepts clear. Prepare your lessons again and again. As you know, practice makes a man perfect. In case of any short of difficulty never hesitate to consult your teacher. Do not be proud of your previous success and always carry on your efforts to improve yourself.

My prayers are always with you.

Your loving Brother

Ch Ashraf Nadeem

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