Play Safe During The Rainy Season Health Benefits

Play safe during the rainy season.

Rainy season hits the city soon and with joy and happiness will bring a lot of challenges to health. Getting sick during the rains kills the spirit of the refreshing season, hence if you want to enjoy the splitter splatter of the rain take good care of your health. Here are some tips that might help you stay away from all kinds of health problems during rains.

Play safe during the rainy season
Play safe during the rainy season

When ever you leave your house or office always carry an umbrella or a rain coat so that you can avoid drenching in a heavy down pour and catch a fever or cold.

If you do get wet in the rain try to dry yourself as soon as possible and also drink something hot, tea or coffee or soup because viruses attack immediately when the body temperature goes down. Take a shower immediately after drenching in rain to keep away from infections.

Wear loose cotton clothes during rainy season. Avoid wearing jeans or other tight clothes that may take time in drying up it wet.

Clean all the water puddles nearby. If cleaning them is not possible then put in a little kerosene. Also use repellents to keep insects away.

Do not eat heavy foods and fried foods during the rainy season. Try to eat in moderation as the body finds it harder to digest food during the rains. Also, avoid eating food from street vendors. Increase the use of garlic, pepper, ginger, turmeric and coriander for better digestion.

Dink plenty of pure, boiled and filtered water to keep your body well hydrated so that heat and toxic material is drained away from your body as one sweats less in rainy season.

Take loads of vitamin C during the rains to enhance your immunity system. This way your immunity system could fight with the inflectional diseases during the rainy season.

Before cooking any vegetables wash them properly so that you can save yourself from bacteria and germs present inside the vegetables during rains.

Avoid sleeping during the day time as this may you lethargic.

Rainy season brings hair problems like stickiness and dandruff. Wash your hair regularly with a mild shampoo and after every wash also use conditioner.

Oily skin is another problem faced during rainy days due to high moisture in the air. Wash your face with normal water at least thrice a day. Use a good scrub to keep your face clean and avoid using a lost of makeup.

Feet are more prone to get fungal infections during the season so keep your feet dry, cut your nails and try to keep your feet and legs in hot water for an hour in a week.

Incorporate these easy to follow tips in your lifestyle during the rains and enjoy the refreshing feel and rejuvenating essence of the beautiful rainy season.



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