Prequalification Implementation Leads to Successful Outcome

The main idea of pre qualification was to examine and select the most appropriate contractor for specified project. Where contractor’s credibility with respect to financial ability, experience, quality management and capability, technical ability, and health and safety factors were taken into account for their qualification. According to Hardy (1978), it is reinforced that without prequalification method, proprietors had more expensive escalation than to those go through pre qualification method. Diekmann (1981), research states that there are four goals of prequalification which are essential means of guaranteeing excellent quality in finished product, analyzing management ability, cost visibility, and company balance. As matter of fact we are planning to have solar energy system in our Rice Mill which will be one of the most fundamental sources to run mill operations at ease by supplying good amount of electricity. So for this we need to find suitable and genuine contactor which can finish the project within particular time period and producing good quality vise work in it. Solar energy does qualify the entire genuine requirement and thus can meet organizational expectations without any trouble. This is all because of their experienced team members, dedicated staff and quality wise products and services which are being offered to generate output at best.

Successful Outcome
Successful Outcome

Finally concluding this, we can say that prequalification is truly one of the most valuable and mandatory technique that can help organization to select best amongst the best contractors in order to meet up their expectations with respect to particular project that they are looking for. If not, then no organization can expect quality return in time and thus will for sure enjoy disappointment in short or longer run.


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