Silk Bank Introduced Credit Cards with 0% Markup

Silk Bank Introduced Credit Cards with 0% Markup

Silk bank introduces the next generation of the most innovative credit cards in Pakistan.

Silk Bank is famous bank in Pakistan. Silk bank introducing Silk Bank visa Credit Cards for their value customers now enjoys 0% Markup for a whole year, just paying a balance transfer fee. Silk Bank Visa Credit card offers 2 percent cash back anywhere anytime. SMS Cards to 8326

Silk Bank Number: 111-100-777

Website of Silk Bank:

  Silk Protect

In any unfortunate event of death or terminal illness Silk Protect will be there to protect your loved ones, by waiving all the outstanding balance against your Card. This waiver will also apply on all Supplementary Card transactions. Sign up for Silk Protect when you apply for your Card.

Supplementary Cards

You can issue up to 5 Supplementary Credit Cards to your family and friends. There is no Annual Fee (or Joining Fee) for Supplementary Cards

Silk Alerts

Every time your Credit Card is charged Silk Alerts sends you an SMS, so you can be informed about all the expenses on your Basic and Supplementary Cards as they happen.

Withdraw Cash

You can withdraw cash up to Rs. 25,000 from all Silk bank ATMs in Pakistan, and any ATM displaying the PLUS logo anywhere in the world. The total cash advance limit for your card is 50%* of your credit limit.

*Conditions apply

Balance Transfer Fee

Silk bank does not apply any service or interest charges on the balance transfer amount for 12 months; however, a Balance Transfer Fee is charged to your Card. You can pay the Balance Transfer Fee in full or pay it over time as per your convenience.

Worldwide Acceptance

The VISA sign on your Silk bank Credit Card opens doors for you at thousands of outlets in Pakistan and over 28 million VISA locations worldwide.

Silk Bank Introduced Credit Cards
Silk Bank Introduced Credit Cards

Shop Online

You can shop online with your Silk bank Credit Card – simply give us a call at 111-100-777 to activate internet transactions for your selected time period.

Chip Standard

Your Silk bank Credit Card is a chip-based Card. This means the Card is more secure than any non-chip card. While using your Card at merchant outlets, ask them to ‘Dip the Chip’ rather than swiping the Card for more secure transactions.


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