StoreDot Promises to Power up Batteries in Just 30 Seconds 2016

storeDot is developing technology company announces that they will made a Charger who power up Smart Phone Batteries in Just 30 seconds. StoreDot Promises that this technology will be available in Market in year 2016 for Just 30$ for after that this technology will be available in everywhere in this world with the same rates that is charger rates in these days in market.

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This is big development because almost every person who have Smartphone Mobile like Galaxy Samsung or other Smartphone Mobile are in problem due to low batter timing and charging time is more times taken by chargers.


Currently the charger size is just like the laptop adaptor; butt storeDot said the size of this charger will be decrease. StoreDot is confident that after three years they produce Flash charger batteries of capacities end sizes that are comparable to today chargers.


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