TEVTA Short Courses: 90 Million distributed Among Students

Lahore Technical education and vocational training institute TEVTA distribute 9.10 Crore among the students. the students who are studding and taking training education from TEVTA, the TEVTA officials gives him 1000 scholarship every month as a travelling experience. The students who are taking training education from TEVTA Government distribute scholarship with the help of Ufone Telecom Company of Pakistan. Ufone will help TEVTA that students can take scholarships though technology uses to escape misuse of payments.

TEVTA Education
TEVTA Education

After 3rd session now government starts 4th session to providing training education among the students, chairperson TEVTA sheikh Irfan Qasir said that more than 385 TEVTA Institutes is working biometric system that can count the attendance of TEVTA Teachers.

TEVTA Technical education and vocational training institute also provide basic technical education with professional and TEVTA gives all necessary things to students that requires in training period.


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