The Guess Paper of 10th Class Biology Paper Pakistan

The Guess Paper of 10th Class Biology Paper Pakistan

Guess Papers 10th Class 2013

Guess paper 10th Class Biology Paper 2020

Question: 1

A.      Mechanism of Breathing

B.      Respiratory Disorder?

Question: 2

A.      Name the component of urinary system? Also give microscopic structure of kidney with help of diagram?

B.      Short note on: i) Kidney Stone ii) Haemodialysis

Question: 3

A.      Give structure and function of neuron?

B.      Short note on spinal cord and thyroid gland?

C.      Disorder of nervous system?

Question: 4

A.      Disorder of skeletal system?

B.      Discuss Muscles and their movement?

Question: 5

A.      Method of asexual reproduction?

B.      Artificial vegetative propagation?

C.      Short note on: i) spermatogenesis ii) Pollination iii) Reproductive system iv) AIDS

Question: 6

A.      Watson Crick Model of DNA? Also give replication of DNA?

B.      Note on artificial selection and Codominance?

Question: 7

A.      Nitrogen cycle with Diagram?

B.      Pollution consequence and control?

Question: 8

A.      Give Fermentation process in detail?

B.      Give steps of genetic engineering?

C.      Single Cell Protein (Short note)

Question: 9

A.      Short note on:

      I.            Vaccine

      II.            Addictive drugs

      III.            Antibiotics resistance

       IV.            Reflex action

B.      Short note on:

          I.            Bone and cartilage

          II.            Germination of seed?

          III.            Give important antibiotics group?


Please students read out every liner of your book for shiny result. Any problem please contact with me and feel free to ask any question Thanks 



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