UBL Bank Easy online Mobile banking Digital App

United bank limited of Pakistan offering in this bad position in Pakistan that corona virus patients in Pakistan is increasing day by day that’s way UBL Bank announced the easy banking in Pakistan. UBL Bank always caring their customers, for the safety and save banking UBL Bank introducing Easy Banking in Just 3 steps.

  1. Download UBL Digital App from Mobile
  2. Tap Sign Up for Mobile Banking
  3. Scan QR Code (QR code is given below Image)

And start online UBL Banking from home. Customers can transfer money and check Bank statement from own mobile from anywhere in Pakistan.


UBL Digital App is available in App Store and Google Play store. The customers who want to use UBL Digital Banking just go to App Store for IPhone users and android for other mobile users. After that just type Digital UBL Digital and download the app and start using as above 3 sample steps.

If you feel any difficulty, you can contact on following numbers:

111-825-888 and website www.ubldigital.com


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