UET Peshawar Merit List 2024 1st, 2nd, 3rd Selection List

UET Peshawar (Peshawar, Abbottabad, Kohat, Jalozai, Bannu) Campuses Official first merit list will be display on date 

  • Last date: September 16, 2024
  • Display of Candidates data for Correction: 17-18 September 2024
  • Display of 1st Merit List (Open, Non-Subsidized): 23-09-2024
  • Admission/Interview of First Merit list: 24-25 September 2024
  • Display of 2nd Merit List: 26-09-2024
  • Admission/Interview of 2nd Merit list: 27-28 September 2024
  • Admission/Interview of 1st non-subsidized: 29-09-2024
  • Display of 2nd Non-subsidized List: 30-09-2024
  • Display of 1st Merit list for Non-Engineering Programs: 19-09-2024
  • Display of 2nd Merit list for Non-Engineering programs: 27-09-2024

Online application for Admission starts from date 23 August 20214

go to for Latest merit list: enggentrancetest.pk/merit/op/

Last Date to Apply:

Display of candidate’s data for correction / rectification of error and changes in order of preference: 07 September 2024 to 09 September 2024

Hafiz-E-Quran Entry Test: 09 September 2024

Announcement of Entry Test Result:

01st Merit List will be display on date 10 September 2024

first Interview for first Open Merit: 20 September 2024 to 22 September 2024

First interview reciprocal Interview: 27 September 2024 to 28 September 2024

Further Merit list and interviews: 13 October 2024

Commencement of Classes will be on date 25 October 2024

UET Peshawar 1st Expected Merit List 2024

Civil Peshawar – 645

Electrical Power Peshawar – 622

Mechanical Engineering Peshawar – 608

Electrical Comm Peshawar – 592

Computer System Peshawar – 540

Chemical Engineering Peshawar- 576

Mechatronics Peshawar – 550

Mining Peshawar – 557

Agriculture Peshawar – 542

Industrial Peshawar – 536

Bannu Civil – 595

Bannu Electrical – 560

Abbottabad Electronics – 510

Mardan Telecom – 495

Mardan Software – 512

Kohat Electrical – 515

Jalozai Civil – 605

Jalozai Electrical – 565

Jalozai Mechanical – 580

Jalozai Industrial – 510

First merit list Self finance

No.Description1st scoreLast Score
1Civil Engineering Peshawar731.313629.179
2Mechanical Engineering Peshawar725.001598.424
3Electric Engineering Power Peshawar705.2001604.177
4Electronics engineering Abbottabad684.916563.631
5Electric Engineering Comm Peshawar665.218587.436
6Civil Engineering Bannu635.15590.065
7Civil Engineering Jalozai628.442585.233
8Mechatronics Engineering Peshawar626.683556.807
9Electric Engineering Comm Bannu618.142542.051
10Electrical Engineering Power Mardan612.935559.352
11Computer system Engineering Peshawar610.473548.821
12Mechanical Engineering Jalozai608.748560.839
13Industrial Engineering Peshawar604.121534.968
14Electrical Engineering  Mardan598.098536.397
15Telecom Engineering Mardan596.965513.782
16Electrical Engineering Comm Jalozai584.573533.654
15Electrical Engineering Kohat572.864523.576

Important Notice for Selected students:

Steps to be followed on Interview date, a check-list will be given. you have to follow that check-list:

  1. Getting stamp paper from Oath Commissioner (he will be there having filled stamp paper, just you have to sign it) necessary for admission
  2. Taking admission forms (Medical certificate, Affidavit, Enrolment form) from RECEPTION DESK

3 Then enter to HALL and meet the front desk to sign the Attendance list

4 When your name is announced then proceeds to COMPUTER DESK for printing bank fee receipt.

  1. Bank staff will be there in HALL, deposit the fee there.
  2. Proceed to the concerned Departmental Desk for documents arrangement.
  3. Put your Documents Envelop on Announcement Desk
  4. When they will announce then come for Interview.
UET Peshawar Undergraduate Admission 2024
UET Peshawar Undergraduate Admission 2024

UET Peshawar 1st Merit List 2015

No.Description1st score Last Score
1Civil Engineering Peshawar804.668683.898
2Mechanical Engineering Peshawar774.602651.86
3Electric Engineering Power Peshawar758.454668.345
4Electronics engineering Abbottbad727.105576.314
5Computer system Engineering Peshawar714.069583.939
6Chemical Engineering Peshawar712.115619.432
7mining Engineering Peshawar702.144604.873
8Civil Engineering Bannu682.824635.042
9Electric Engineering Comm Peshawar681.784632.723
10Civil Engineering Jalozai675.778639.177
11Mechatronics Engineering Peshawar651.14610.536
12Electrical Engineering Power Mardan646.031627.9
13Mechanical Engineering Jalozai644.945617.412
14Electrical Engineering Comm Jalozai637.764609.602
15Electrical Engineering Comm Bannu634.87605.994
15Industrial Engineering Peshawar633.221589.486
15Computer Software Mardan628.15578.98

University of engineering and technology Peshawar announced FATA Merit list 2015 kindly get your nomination letter from FATA Secretariat, Peshawar.

UET Peshawar 2014 Merit Lists and Admission Schedule

1st Page
6th page

The University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar, (popular as UET Peshawar), is a public research university located in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.[1] It is one of the premier institution of higher learning in Pakistan with a strong emphasis on the development of science and engineering.

Its programs of civil engineering retains an international and nationwide prestige of engaging in cutting-edge research in the inter discipline of earthquake studies, started after the massive earthquake jolted the country in 2005.[3] The university offers undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctoral studies programmes in engineering, natural and social sciences, law, philosophy, and various other academic disciplines. The university is also a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities of the United Kingdom.[4] In addition, the university among one of the top institutions of science and engineering, and ranked among in the top ten universities of science by the HEC in 2019

Research in science and engineering in UET Peshawar gained nationwide attention and the university’s known for its persisting leading research in earthquake sciences and industrial management in the country.

Diploma Holders merit Session

peshawar-Diploma-Holders-merit list

UET Peshawar Detail of FATA Seats

Reserved in engineering universities / colleges across the country

All over FATA Merit:         05 Seats

Agencies Quota 10 each Agency 10*7    : 70 Seats

Agencies inner Quota (1 seat for each agency) 1/7 : 7 seats

  1. RS Quota 1 seat each FR 1*6 Total : 6 seats

F.RS Inner Quota: 02 seats

F.RS Combined Merit: 02 seats

Seats for diploma holders all over FATA: 01

Total Seats reserved: 93

Fresh Selected candidates interviews Date 31 August 2024 – 01 September 2024

Discipline changed reporting Date 10 September 2024


Candidates from merit no.201 to 450 are requested to report for interview.

(Seats will be uploaded later today In sha Allah)



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