Veena Malik Gets Divorce Khula from Husband Asad Bashir Khan

Veena Malik kick out their husband after long time with their Husband Asad Bashir Khan. Asad bashir was Pakistani and working in Dubai before marriage, the meeting in Dubai of Veena Malik and Asad Bashir khan was held before marriage, now Veena Malik have two sons from Asad Bashir Khan. Recently Asad bashir khans update their status on their official account Twitter.

Asad Khan update

Asad Bashir Khan doesn’t want to live their Wife Veena Malik but it’s a decision from X Hot Indian and Pakistan Actress Veena Malik. Everyone I thinking that Veena Malik is going to right path after meeting with Molana Tariq Jameel the famous Islamic Scholar. The Four Years Marriage go to end after fighting between Asad and Veena from many days. The Nikkah ceremony was held in Dubai on dated 25 December 2013. the family court gives decision after Asad Bashir Khan don,t come to Court. After Khula the Veena Malik will be return Haq Mahir 50% of 150,000/- Darim.

Asad Khan After Khula

Currently no update from Queen Veena Malik but the lawyer of of Veena Malik and Asad Bashir Khan confirmed the News of Divorce of Both the parties you can see Talak Nama or Khula Nama:

Khula Nama of Veena Malik
Khula Nama of Veena Malik


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