Write a letter to father informing him about Progress in Studies

A letter to father informing him about progress in studies

I am very glad to receive your kind letter. Thanks god almighty that everybody at home is hale and hearty. In your letter you have asked me about my progress in studies. Dad, you will be glad to know that I have secured good marks in the last college examination. I got reasonable marks in all subjects but in chemistry and mathematics I could not do well. It does not mean that these subjects are beyond my understanding and interest. Actually I could not provide sufficient time to revise these subjects.

My December test is at hand. Now days, I am working hard for it. I have decided to make deficiency in these subjects. I often take my teachers help in this regard. Besides, some special classes in these subjects are being arranged by our professors. I have decided to attend them.

Last time, I lost my first division in Urdu for two marks. Now, I will try my best to get it. English grammar is my weakness, so I am working very hard to grip it. I take extensive notes and revise them Insha-Allah, I hope to top the list in aggregate in the annual examination. I need your prayers and blessings of God almighty.

Pay my regards to mother and love to youngsters.

Your loving son

Nouman Ijaz



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