Writing a Research Protocol Practical Approach Workshop in Nawabshah

People’s university of Medical and health sciences for women Nawabshah, Sindh starts workshop for Training Purpose to the students of Sindh.


The purpose of proposed training workshop is to improve research capability of participants by focusing on improving their understanding about critical appraisals of the published articles.

Research designs and methodology and helping them to develop skills in writing different components of research proposal.

Date of Workshop:

06 December 2018 time 09:30 to 01:00 PM.


Peoples University of medical and health sciences for women Nawabshah Sindh

For registration contact:

Majid Sanjrani Mobile Number: 0334-2822133

Office Numbers: 0213-5871845 and 0213-5371084

Email Address: info@pill.org.pk

Workshop facilitators:

Tayyaba Kiran:

She is Assistant Director R and D at Pakistan institute of living and learning

Ameer bux:

He is assistant director research Ethics and governance at Pakistan institute of living and learning.

This Workshop Organize by Doctor Moti Ram Bhatia Assistant Professor and head of psychiatry Department of Peoples Medical University Nawabshah.


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