Annemarie Schimmel UK Scholarship for Female Pakistani Students

Annemarie Schimmel UK Scholarship for Female Pakistani Students

This scholarship is specially contribution from Professor Annemarie Schimmel who wants to make Pakistani women’s power to help and contribute in society within Pakistan. Annemarie Schimmel offer free education for women of Pakistan. The women’s of Pakistan can get the degree of post graduate by using Annemarie Schimmel scholarship scheme 2019. These scholarships specially dedicated for women’s of Pakistan. Pakistani women’s must choose the genuine program that after return to Pakistan, they become helpful for Pakistan cultural society.


Annemarie Schimmel Scholarship

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Annemarie-Schimmel-Islamabad Scholarship
Annemarie-Schimmel-Islamabad Scholarship

Uniqueness of the Scholarship

The scholarship provides unique study scholarships for Pakistan women to choose the best and most prestigious public institutions for higher education learning in United Kingdom. Annemarie Schimmel scholarships cover all costs of education and living expenses of selected candidates. The scholarships will be offered to that candidates unique and will be given on merit basis with the need and relevance of the degree of Pakistan, the candidates must commitment for the scholar that after the completion of study she will be serve in Pakistan.

Last date for receipt of application is

Field of Study

The course selection is your own choice; butt preference will be given to those candidates who want to learn about traditional humanities or sciences field. Such as public healths, special education for medical fields, for example radiography and physiotherapy, study in economic development are also be considered by Annemarie Schimmel. The candidates who want to learning about Islamic rules Annemarie Schimmel scholarships will be encouraged to those candidates to apply. The purpose of study will be to help the poor people of Pakistan. The candidates who want to apply for these scholarships must be known about the basic literacy and world and excel processing skills.

Written Test

A written test will be held for the short-listed candidates in October 2019. The test will be conducted simultaneously in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. The candidates will be able to select their center of choice in advance.

The test is general in nature, aiming to check the candidate’s aptitude and proficiency in English. It is not subject based and does not require any specific preparation.


Between five to ten candidates are selected for the final interview with the AMSS committee. The interview will be held in November/December 2019, at Lahore. The candidates are expected to bear their own travel expenses.

Please note that the selected scholar shall commence her studies in the academic year starting September 2020.


The scholarships will be award to academic on year from 2019 to 2020 for master degree at recognized institutions of higher education of united kingdom UK.Doctoral candidates are not eligible.


The Schimmel scholars will be chosen for their ability and commitment without discrimination as to religion, caste or creed. Candidates must have either a professional degree or they should have completed sixteen years of education in a relevant discipline.

They must be citizens of Pakistan and have a declared intention to return and pursue a career in Pakistan. Those having a minimum two year professional work experience will be given preference. There is no restriction on age, but preference will be given to candidates between the ages of 25 and 40. A genuine need for financial assistance is an essential condition of the scholarship. The candidates must supply adequate evidence that they would not be able to study abroad without financial assistance. Candidates must bear the expenses of air travel. While not a requirement, preference will be given to those candidates who have secured admission to a programme of study at a recognized institution of their choice in the United Kingdom. In the absence of a sufficiently qualified candidate the scholarship committee reserves the right to make no nomination. Candidates must have cleared their IELTS exam before appearing for the final interview held in November/December of the current year.

for more details and apply online: Download Application form


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