Breaking the Promise of Marriage Student Threw Acid

Breaking the Promise of Marriage Student Threw Acid

University News from India: In India the promise of marriage not fulfill by the college lecture, female student threw Acid to lectures face.

Leacturer venkataraman
Leacturer venkataraman

There are many real stories that man threw Acid on a females face, but its revenge that a incident held in India that female threw Acid to her lover college lecturer due to not fulfill their promise of marriage. The love starts from college, but when girl leaves college lecturer marries with another woman. The first women lover cannot bear this incident and she comes her old colleges gate with Acid, after that the college lecturer goes his home, she threw Acid to his face,  Andra Pradesh state of india media update this incident was held at district gantr at university. The mathematics subject teacher and his student become loves each other..

Police said that the girl was standing at the gate entrance in a burqa technique is slowly increasing College and as soon as he came out, he threw acid on the face of the ramana vencta, a lecturer from which his face was burnt while several place after the incident, in which a few drops of the acid also burnt females face when, lecturer tried to escape himself now both admitted in hospital.


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