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A burn is a destruction of the skin and sometimes deeper tissue. The burn maybe superficial or deep.



Hot liquids e.g water, steam, soap.

Hot metallic objects

Caustic chemicals e.g acid or alkali



Pain, which may be severe

Patient may have difficulty in breathing if he has inhaled hot fumes or hot air.

Vomiting may occur.

The patient may be unconscious


Shock cold clammy skin, weak rapid pulse, low blood pressure

Presence of a burn

Pain on sterile pin prick of burn area indicates burn is superficial and will heal well if infection is prevented.

No pain on sterile pin prick indicates deep burn


Treatment objectives

To relieve pain

To replace fluid lost

To prevent infection of burn wound

To aid healing of the burn wound

To avoid complications

Non pharmacological treatment

All burns due to hot liquids or steam should be put under the tap or into cool clean water immediately, they happen and left in or under water for 10-15 minutes.

Do not break blisters

Do not smear oily substances on burns. If it is necessary to cover the wound then use Vaseline gauze (deep burns, circumferential burns, infected burns).

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Institute of Public Health Lahore Admissions
Institute of Public Health Lahore Admissions


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