Government of Sri Lanka presidential Scholarships 2024 for Pakistani students

Applications are invited from eligible students for the award of undergraduate scholarships offered by the Ministry of Higher Education and Highways (MoHEH), Sri Lanka, for the academic year 2024-2025, and the courses are to commence in September 2024. Since this is a government-to-government scholarship program, candidates shall apply for this scholarship with the recommendation of the government nominating agency (i.e. Ministry or the government Institution of his/her country).


Last date for submission of the application form:

Scholarships are open for courses of study other than medical, dental, science, and engineering.
The medium of instruction is English
Candidates can request more than one course to secure chances to win a scholarship, identifying their preferences as places are limited in some fields.
There may be instances where requested courses are not possible to offer due to unforeseen circumstances or limited places available in the particular field.
If the qualifications given by the applicant are not compatible with the entry requirements of the university, those applications may not be successful.
When completing the form, please ensure that you provide your full name as it appears in your passport.
Please provide all the supporting documents in English; we require officially translated versions as well as copies in the original language.
Please provide certified copies of all the supporting documents, including certified copies of the relevant pages of your passport, duly authenticated by relevant authorities.
A copy of the certificate and the statement of results should be certified by the relevant Board of Examinations that conducted the examination concerned.
Photocopies of the educational certificates will not be considered for evaluation and will result in rejection of the application.
Do not leave any section of this application unanswered. Please write “N/A” in all irrelevant sections.

Scholarship online Application Form: Click Here


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