How to check Zong Sim Number without Balance

Zong Sim is providing free WhatsApp and Facebook packages due to the many customers purchasing Sims from Zong to avail free internet service. Anyone can purchase a free Zong SIM after activating the internet package and enjoy free internet without balance.

How to check Zong Sim Number without Balance

Many students and young people who purchase Zong Sim do not know the number of that SIM code; if they load balance to their Zong Sim, they need the SIM number, so it’s easy to know the Zong Sim Number:

Zong sim Number Check Karne ka Tarika

Zong search number code details:

Dial *100# on your cell phone.

Then press the call button and wait. After a few seconds, the Zong Sim number will be shown on your mobile screen.

Select Free Message and send it to a number.

Now check Zong’s number on your mobile screen.

Zong Mobile Code Checker is available for free.

Another best way to find Zong’s number is to simply dial *8#.

Zong sim number check code 2024

Write *8# and press the call button.

Zong number check code prepaid

Remember 1 thing: this code may be different in different areas, (so please try a different number (for example, *9#,*8#,*7#6,*5#,*4#,*3#,*2#,*1#,*0#)

Zong Telecom provides free internet services in Pakistan and offers many internet packages for free WhatsApp and Facebook.


Zong Telecom has become the best for students and young people in Pakistan due to its free internet service.

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