Jazz Telecom Hajj Calling & 4G Internet Offer in Saudi Arabia

Jazz Telecom Company offering 4 G Internet and Calling offer for Jazz customers in Saudi Arabia. Jazz offer wonderful calling and 4G Internet offer to Hajji Customers. Its first time in Pakistan that Jazz Telecom offer Internet and calling offer with lowest rates in prepaid customers.


Dear Prepaid customers, for the 1st time in Pakistan, Jazz offers Prepaid Data Bundle in Saudi Arabia (all operators). Now enjoy 200 MBs in 500 rupees only. Umrah aur Hajj ki saadat bhi. Saudi Bundle say saholat bhi. For activation just dial *7626*1# from Pakistan or call 111 with minimum 500 balance in your mobile. Your bundle will be activated however it will not be used in Pakistan. It would only work in Saudia. Avoid waiting in lines for hours to buy a local Saudi sim and enjoy Jazz prepaid sim for calling and data usage in almost same budget! Calling rate is Rs.15/min for both incoming and outgoing. (on STC)

How much is 200 MBs?

666 Whatsapp Audio minutes: 1 whatsapp audio call consumes around 0.3 MB per minute. So, in 200 MBs you can enjoy 666 minutes of whatsapp audio calls! OR

66 Whatsapp Video minutes: 1 whatsapp Video call consumes around 3 MB per minute. So, in 200 MBs you can enjoy 66 minutes of Whatsapp Video Calls! OR

Mix of browsing, what Sapp audio and video call till the bundle expires

Launch: May 30 2018

Price: 500 rupees (For 500 balance, please load 700 rupees into your mobile)

Data: 200 MBs

Validity of Bundle: 14 days

Activation: Just dial *7626*1# from Pakistan for bundle activation (with 500 balance in your mobile). Or simply call 111. For activation from Saudi Arabia, ask your fnf in Pakistan to first get your roaming activated by calling 111. Then you can simply dial *7626*1# from Saudia to activate this bundle.

Reactivation: The bundle is non-recursive. Once the bundle expires, your data will stop working. This will ensure that your remaining balance is safe. For reactivation of Bundle dial *7626*1# again.

Notifications: You will continue to receive SMS notifications during your data usage. For bundle status inquiry dial *7626*1*2#

Coverage: The Saudi Bundle will work in Saudi Arabia only (All operators). It will not work in Pakistan or anywhere else in the world except Saudi Arabia. The bundle is available for Jazz customers only. Warid customers will be included soon.

Calling rates: In addition to Saudi Bundle, prepaid roaming rates in Saudia are quite attractive too. PKR 15/min from STC. (Local call, incoming or call back to Pakistan).


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