North Korea sentences 15 Years Hard Labour to US College Student

Hello Pakistani brothers and sisters and the nation where US people killed Pakistani younger and goes to back USA without any sentences. North korea is not Pakistan that do any hostile Act or killed people and goes back to their country. Otto warmbier is a US citizen and he has 21 years old, he is studying at the University of Virginia. Otto Warmbier few months ago found committing severe crimes against the North Korea state and he was held allegedly attempting t steal a political banner from a restricted area of the hotel in capital city Pyongyang North Korea. After that he was arrested and now Supreme Court of North korea gives him 15 years hard labour, the news was published by China News agency Xinhua Wednesday dated: 16 March 2018. North Korea shows that he does not fear from USA.

North korea find a (Otto Warmbier) US College student who was studying in North Korea College and gives him 15 years hard labour sentences. North Korea is not fearing from Washington and South Korea and increasing tensions for United States of America and South Korea.


Earlier this week the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, warned that the country was about to carry out tests of another nuclear warhead, as well as ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear bombs to the US and other targets.

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