Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2014 postponed Till 20 June 2014

HEC needs you to verify yourself for the provision of laptops

Higher education commission starts student service Portal, Punjab government announced that Laptop distribution scheme will be start from 20 June 2014 at different institutes. According to this program Punjab government will be provided free laptop to different college and universities. Many students are despondent due to Laptop distribution scheme always goes for postpone.

Laptop distribution scheme is just promoting day by day butt in real life no laptop is going to distribute, many students from long time are waiting laptops, and unfortunates many students make dreams for taking laptops from government of Punjab.

Government of Punjab must take action against this delay, because this scheme really playing with the future of students.

Punjab Laptop

HEC News Update:

“Students’ Data of PhD/ MPhil/ MS/ MBA (18 years or more education) program have been posted. Students are advised to validate their records/ data at an earliest in order to consider them for the award of laptop under the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme. Students failing to validate their record/ data may be dropped from the list and may not be considered any further for the award under current scheme.”


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