SCB bring your favourite products at 0% mark-up

Standard Chartered Bank of Pakistan brings our favorite products at 0% mark-up. The Total products detail are given below of the pdf file click on the link for detail of products.

SCB Digital Bank Branch

Read this book and choose your product and get the product from Standard Chartered Bank of Pakistan with 0% Mark up.

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Terms & Conditions


(a.) Aasan Installment (AI) means any transaction conducted on the credit card by the Cardmember for which the Cardmember utilizes the Credit Limit and repays the Transaction amount in equal monthly installments according to the Credit Card Terms & Conditions and AI Terms & Conditions

(b.) AI Term/Period is the number of monthly installments as selected by the Cardmember at the time of availing AI.

(c.) AI fees / charges means all applicable fee/charges as the Bank may specify from time to time through the Schedule of Charges (SOC) or through written notice to the Cardmember and payable by the Cardmember in relation to the Card transaction made and / or converted into AI.

(d.) Total AI Price includes the purchase price and applicable AI charges as per the Schedule of Charges (SOC).

(e.) Terms and Conditions means the Terms and Conditions applicable on Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited Credit Card. AI Terms & Conditions are in addition to the referred conditions

(f.) AI processing fee will be charged up to 3.5% of the transaction amount

(g.) AI fees / charges will not be applicable on 0% AI plans.

(h.) Apart from 0% AI plan, all fees / charges will be applicable as mentioned in the SOC

1. General

1.1) The purpose of the AI is to enable the Cardmembers / Supplementary Cardmember to purchase goods and services using the Credit Limit available on the Card and repay the Transaction amount in equal monthly installments in accordance with the Terms & Conditions

2.            Eligibility

2.1) AI is offered exclusively to the Cardmember subject to the condition that payments against his / her Card are in good standing as per the Terms and Conditions and AI Terms and Conditions. If the Cardmember fulfils the Terms and Conditions he / she may be eligible for availing AI. AI is also available on Supplementary Card Accounts

2.2) Only products shown in this booklet are eligible for AI facility.

2.3) Saadiq Credit Card holders can only avail 0% offers on products shown in this booklet.

2.4) Amex Charge Cards and USD Cards will not be eligible for AI.


3.1) The monthly AI installment will be added in the customer’s minimum amount due.

3.2) Instalment calculations have been done using the reducing balance method. For Annualized Percentage Rate (APR) please refer to the Bank’s Schedule of Charges

3.3) Incase the Cardmember is unable to effect payment of the AI installment on or before the payment due date the Cardmember becomes liable to pay the late fee as per the Bank’s Schedule of Charges

3.4) The Cardmember shall pay the total AI Price inclusive of all applicable AI fees / charges in equal monthly installments based on AI Terms chosen by the Cardmember. These will be the AI Monthly installments

3.5) The Bank shall process and authorize an AI Transaction provided that the amount of AI Transaction is within the available Credit Limit and Card Account is in good standing as per the rules and regulations adopted by the Bank and Terms & Conditions. The approved AI Transaction will appear on the next Statement of Account

3.6) In case the card member decides to cancel his/her AI then the customer will be liable to pay the prepayment penalty amount as per the Bank’s Schedule of Charges (SOC)Products offered on 0% are as per tenures defined in this booklet under respective product codes / product model


4.1) Based on the acceptance of the AI instruction the AI Monthly Installment shall be billed to the Cardmember starting from the statement following the next Statement of Account after the date of purchase and every month thereafter until the total AI Price is settled and paid in full

4.2) Incase of availing the AI facility, the Minimum Payment Amount on the Statement of Account shall include but is not limited to all outstanding Liabilities and other amounts plus the AI Monthly Installment(s) and any excess amounts over the Credit Limit and all past due amounts if any.

4.3) If the Cardmember pays less than the Monthly Minimum Amount on the Payment Due Date as specified in the Statement of Account, the Cardmember becomes liable to pay Charges as per the Bank’s Schedule of Charges

4.4) The Cardmember may request for changing the period of AI Monthly installments. The Bank may accept the instructions and may agree to the same subject to the payment of fee payable by the Cardmember for processing and accepting the instructions to reduce the Monthly Installments. The Bank may, from time to time, as it deems in its absolute discretion reverse the processing charges.

4.5) The Cardmember may be allowed to repay the Outstanding AI amount in one lump sum payment subject to the payment of prepayment charges to the Bank. The Bank may, from time to time as it seems in its absolute discretion revise the prepayment charges.

4.6) Reward Points are earned on the Transaction conducted and not the amount converted into AI.

4.7) Incase the Card is cancelled or not renewed by the Bank or Cardmember terminates the Card, the AI Transaction is terminated automatically and the Cardmember is liable to pay the remaining / outstanding Installments immediately along with the prepayment charges upon receipt of the Statement of Account.


5.1) The Bank is entitled at anytime and without any prior notice or liability to the Cardmember in any manner whatsoever to terminate the AI or cancel or vary its benefits or features, or vary, or add or delete any of the AI Terms & Conditions. The Bank is also entitled to determine the minimum transaction amount allowed under the AI for each particular offer.

5.2) The Bank reserves the right to disqualify any Cardmember from further participation, if in its judgement, the Cardmember has in any way violated the AI Terms & Conditions and / or the Terms & Conditions and / or any reason that the Bank deems it without assigning any reason whatsoever.


6.1) The Bank shall not be liable for any damage or loss incurred by the Cardmember arising out of the purchase, installation, use or otherwise of the good(s) and / or service(s) under AI for any negligence, breach of statutory or other duty on part of the Bank not shall the Bank be responsible in any way for the condition and quality of the good(s) and / or service(s) purchased under AI or otherwise. Any complaint as to the quality of goods purchased or services rendered through AI shall be referred directly by the Cardmember to the supplier or Merchant and shall not affect Cardmember’s obligation to continue paying the AI Monthly Instalment to the Bank

6.2) Product can be received by the card member or the authorized receiver which must be mentioned by the card member in the call made to place the order

6.3) There will be no delivery charges hit to the customer

6.4) Delivery of the product would be subject to availability of stock

6.5) Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited is not responsible for the products specification and quality as mentioned in this booklet

6.6) Prices of the products are subject to change without notice. Any increase in price will be notified at Phone Banking / website and customers will be communicated at the time of booking.

6.7) This offer is valid only for the products mentioned in this booklet

6.8) This offer is valid for a limited time only

6.9) Product will be delivered to the customer in 25 working days including processing time



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