Sixth Grade Student Commits Suicide in Hyderabad

Sixth Grade Student Commits Suicide in Hyderabad

This incident took place close to Sehrish Nager Hyderabad in a school.

Before the school’s scheduled closing hour, a sixth-grade pupil at a private school is accused of jumping to his death from the third level of the building.

The girl, who appeared to be 12 or 13, was observed climbing up the classroom corridor wall and then jumping down, according to security camera footage the police claimed to have obtained. The student had been taken to the Civil Hospital by the school administration, where doctors declared her dead. The student’s body was given back to her father Zulfiqar, and her family buried her in a Sanghar neighbourhood in the Sarfaraz Narejo area.

SSP Amjad Sheikh of Hyderabad put together a four-person team under the leadership of ASP Alina Rajpar to investigate the incident.

He went on to explain that a person who appeared to be a member of the school staff was visible approaching the girl in a video in what appeared to be an effort to stop her from jumping the school building.

A directive from Minister of Education Syed Sardar Ali Shah resulted in the suspension of the Hyderabad private school’s registration and the dismissal of the principal.


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