Donald trump: US Needs Indian Students should not be kicked out

United states of america US republican said that US requires Indian students and they are smart people reported by Hindustan times and Indian Express. they said the students of India will be welcome to study in US Colleges and Universities and they can leave in USA. India has big population country as many Indians are living in USA from many passed years and they are eligible to give votes, due to this Donald trump gives statement otherwise Americans are not friend to anybody of the world expect they have purposes and demands. Donald Trump is against politician against Muslims, few days ago he give remarks that muslims will be out from USA.

Donald trump
Pakistani government should learn from this that we are doing fight for Americans and Americans don,t want our children to study in USA.
USA also announced new visa policy can find Here: Visa Policy
its necessary for pakistani educational insitutions to create wonderful colleges and universities that can compete worldwide universities and our students can fight our enmies though learning of technology, commerce, science and engineering.
today Dawn news also published article: Dawn News
Comment by Indian National:
”Trump you are clever as you know well your software industry runs on indians support only ,stop disturbing peace b/w india pak bcos modi understand you well n he was the one who thrown every usa cos.out of gujarat &even thn also gujarat was highly prosperous state remember the name MODI”
”Indian ppl should not be happy.. he just need ur votes.. he hates everyone who is not white look at his rallies. It’s like kkk family meeting. For him if u r not white u r an outsider. He is not ur friend don’t vote for him”
Indians are also understand the policy of US and Hindustan Times also write article you can read from here: hindustan Times


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